Cosmic Cult

by Dig me no grave

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Zlata Pretty solid debut. The album doesn't stray very far from the old school formula, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not the greatest album, but worth a try for OSDM fans. Favorite track: Mortician.
eric tindall
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eric tindall like all of it. love the artwork too! Favorite track: Cosmic Cult.
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released March 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Dig me no grave Vologda, Russia

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Track Name: Through The Gates
Silver key
To enter world of dreams
Reality is illusion
And illusions are real

So, from the gulfs of space
Storm to the depths of night
And from the depths of night
Storm to the gulfs of space

Lords of Ancient
Bring me through the outer gates
To perceive
The endlessness of myself

You key and the gates
Show your power
And lead me through the time and space

Who were among the Outer Gods
Came back in flesh
But now is now something more than human
Track Name: Reptile
Dark shine of Nebiru
Touched dead and desert land.
It’s procreation of the human,
And bestial hybrid race.

Scaly skinned
Concealed from human eye
Every moment they are among us

Scaly skinned
Concealed from human eye
Reptiloids rule this world
Track Name: In Oblivion
Into the darkened
Into the sacred
I penetrate
You, Lords now heed:

All existence mortal
And all who live
Like one will disappear
Will descent to ground
In oblivion

Not one diamond
Not piece of gold
Shall stand

That all will be gone
We all must disappear
We all must leave
Back to the house of Lifegiver

Think over
Eagles and jaguars
Everything goes
To the fleshless lands

Cause all existence mortal
Not one will stay here
We all will be erased
We all will fade
In oblivion
Track Name: Cosmic Cult
Outer gods
Eyeless, voiceless, dark and mad
Dancing blasphemously
In sounds of damned drums and flutes

Cosmic… cult…

Great deformed nightmare
Is swirling and raging in the centre of chaos
Immense demon
Is greedily chewing in unfathomable halls

Bless me
The insane Azathoth
And give me your divine madness
Show me
The path beyond all stars
In sacrilegious ecstasy
Track Name: The People Of The Pit
Trapped in the abyss
Forgotten folk
Survivors of the Deluge
Sealed by the Ancients
Blasphemous creatures
Offer up their prayers

People of the pit
Slimy telepathic beings
People of the pit
In temple of perversion

Through the jungle and mystic passage
Down to the chasm
Bleeding victim on the altar
Sacrifice for the unholy one
Track Name: Mortician
The call
From the kingdom of pain
Shapeless entity Cynothoglys
Will appear for ones death

Demonical being
Beyond morality of the mortal
Blind killings in insanity

Bringer of the pain
Silent whirlpool
Of strange immortal beings
My salvation
Is in wretched skin
In my death
I will soar like eagle

Out of limits and imagination
His highest motives
Are mysterious to the gods
Alone in his greatness
Passionless to suffering and pain
Appears... For ones death

One hand
To tear
The flesh
Track Name: Shrine Of Blasphemy
From the deeps of the fog
Behold your Lord march into our world
In the deep of your hate
Just know that his power is growing

For the end of your race
You cast the curses and evil spells
Your infected mind
Is just a slave in their hands

I choose blasphemy!
Free your own mind!
Create the shrine of blasphemy!

His churches rise above
The temples of true knowledge and us
The curse from the dark ages
Forcing thousands into madness and weakness

By their faithful lies
The infected ones invade your minds
Behold their real target
They want rule over you
Track Name: Lost In The Depths
They are among ruins
I see them on storm waves
They appear like amazing whirlpools
And dance on a waterfalls

Sons and daughters
of a sea...

Ia Dagon,
Ia Lord of Deeps,
Ia the Great, Ia!

Sweet singing stopped abruptly
My heart sank in wildest fear
Feeling like demonic creature
Calls for me from Absu depths

Deeps opened…
Wide... The call…
I can't deny
Track Name: Forbidden
Forbidden cyclopic towns
Giant skulls and ancient ruins
Are hidden in abyss
By light of the dying star

Endless path of chthonic gods
Through the gates of time
They’re rising from past aeons
Back to mortal life

The deep keep secrets of dark past
And truth comes in mad dreams
Demonic figures are dancing in the mist
And singing forgotten spells

Sing with them
Awakening coming

Forbidden demonic gods
Are crushing the gates of our dimension
Mankind will writhe in agony
And hail the beauty of chaos
Track Name: Rise Of Madness
Parallel worlds are crossing
Stars are standing in special way
Ritual of invocation:
Those who're sleeping will awake

Predicated chaos's coming
Through the gates of darkest past
From the deepest ocean abyss
In the dreadful splendour rises

Great Cthulhu
The Mortician
With (the) thousand young

From R'lyeh
Start blood fest
In madness...

Disemboweled bodies are sinking
In the madness of wild crowd
Nyarlathotep in pure rapture
Prophecy was realized.

Predicated chaos had come
Through the gates of darkest past
From the deepest ocean abyss
In the dreadful splendour rose